Monday, 7 August 2017

Sue: Surfaces

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Jenny L.: New Year

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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

The Finalists for Ikebana Gallery Award 2017

The Ikebana Gallery Award Committee is pleased to announce that the following 6 works have been selected for the finalists for Ikebana Gallery Award 2017. 

Congratulations to the students whose works have been selected. 

The finalists' works have been sent to our expert judgesThe winner will be announced within a few weeks. To receive update notices become a follower or follow by Email (see the right column) or simply like Ikebana Gallery Facebook page.

We are very fortunate to receive great support and advice in our selection process from Associate Professor Osamu Inoue, Kyoto University of Art & Design. 
Dr Inoue is a prominent Ikebana artist and researcher,  and vice president of International Society of Ikebana Studies (ISIS). Dr Inoue's recent publication includes "Thought of Ikebana" (「花道の思想」思文閣出版   ) .

a. Elena

b. Kim

c. Antonia

d. Lyn

e. Marisa

f. Wendy

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2017 People's Choice Award

Thank you very much for voting for the Ikebana Gallery People's Choice Award 2017. Our post announcing the semi-finalists was viewed over 16 thousands people around the world. We are pleased to be able to provide such a rare opportunity for Ikebana students to show their works to so many people, to be liked and to receive warm comments.     

We are grateful for all of those who supported Ikebana Gallery Award, the first international  Ikebana competition for all the Ikebana students by liking its Facebook page. We are particularly thankful to those who respected the spirit of the People’s Choice Award and voted according to our instruction.    

We are pleased to announce that the winner is Kanyaka in India. Congratulations. Her work received the largest number of LIKEs by 31 July 2017 in our Facebook page. 
Kanyaka's teacher is Ms Purnima Shah, Ohara School of Ikebana International. 
Kanyaka will receive our certificate shortly.

The finalists will be selected by our expert judges and the winner of the Ikebana Gallery Award 2017 will be announced shortly. Please keep following our Facebook page.  

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Sunday, 16 July 2017

2017 Semi Finalists

The Ikebana Gallery Award Committee is pleased to announce that the following 17 works have been selected as semi-finalists. Five finalists will be selected shortly from these semi-finalists and will be sent to our special judges. 

Please tell us your favourite works on our Facebook page.
Please LIKE at least 3 (3 or more) works among the 17 works in the album by 31 July 2017. The most popular work will receive the People's Choice Award 2017. 

Please share the whole album and encourage your friends to vote. But please don't share individual works and encourage people to like them. If that happens, we may have to cancel the award. We hope that students with less Facebook friends will not be at too much of a disadvantage. Have fun. Thank you. 

Congratulations to the students whose works have been selected for the semi-final. If you have not sent us your details and a list of materials for your work (check our Award page), please contact us soon. 

Thank you all the Ikebana students who contributed this year. We hope to receive more of your works toward the Ikebana Gallery Award 2018.

1. Tomoko

2. Wendy

3. Lyn

 4. Marisa
5. Antonia

 6. Jenny
 7. Clarissa

8. Kim

9. Tomoko

10. Mimi

11. Elena

12. Risa

13. Pulcheria

14. Kanyaka

15. Lyn 

 16. Lyn
17. Lai Fong

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Saturday, 1 July 2017

Pulcheria: Unconventional materials

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Sue: Massed Arrangement

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Thursday, 29 June 2017

Pulcheria: Frits and Vegitables

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Shoan: Free Style

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Jenny L. : Hagumi Exercise

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Aileen: Free Style

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Toko: Free Style - Berries

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Lyn: Unconventional materials

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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Pulcheria: Reassembling

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Aileen: Free style

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Shoan: Curved lines

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